Friday, July 5, 2013

Operating A Leaf Vacuum

For many of us, the vacuum is the housecleaning tool that we couldn't live without. As new and better vacuums hit the market, consumers flock to the shelves in search of just the vacuum and just the attachment that will help them better handle all those interior messes; corners, cobwebs, hardwood, and carpet. The benefit of the comprehensive vacuum is its ability to handle it all. But when it comes to maintaining the exterior of our homes, there is a vacuum that is just as helpful - the leaf vacuum.

The leaf vacuum is a device that has revolutionized fall clean up in homes across the country. In essence, a leaf vacuum is a device with a nozzle attachment that uses suction to pick up leaves. For anyone who has spent hours raking a lawn, the leaf vacuum is nothing short of inspired.

Designed to remove exterior debris such as leaves or grass, the leaf vacuum has its roots in the leaf blower. The model for the leaf blower was first invented in early 1970s Japan by engineers for use in spraying insecticides. The United States quickly adopted the blower unit and - recognizing its potential as a comprehensive garden tool - soon began to market it in the care for lawns and gardens nationwide. The leaf blower was resoundingly embraced by garden enthusiasts and weekend warriors who were tired of the backbreaking work required to maintain the exteriors of their homes. Outside work entered a new world of convenience as the blower was strapped to the user's back and the user manipulated the nozzle to blow leaves and debris from the area.

The leaf vacuum followed suit; but rather than blowing leaves and debris away, it captured the debris inside the unit that could then be disposed of or returned to the earth in the form of compost. This was enormously helpful in that the vacuum prevented material from simply being blown onto the neighbor's lawn - it was the most comprehensive definition of clean up.

Today, the leaf vacuum is very often integrated into a blower unit that will allow you to do either - blow the debris away or capture it through the vacuum feature. There are a wide variety of leaf vacuums that differ according to size and horsepower - your budget and the size of the area in which you need to maintain will determine the type of leaf vacuum that will best work to your advantage.

A leaf vacuum can be purchased at any large retail outlets or home improvement stores. They vary according to price - so be sure to do some comparison shopping before committing to a purchase.

Maintaining the exteriors of our home is something that comes with the responsibility of homeownership. But with the chaotic lives that we lead - busy careers and family schedules - finding the time to devote to meticulous landscaping detail can be more than difficult - it can be impossible. But with the use of the new, high-end convenience products, such as the leaf vacuum, designed to streamline exterior maintenance we can effectively and conveniently attend to clean-up without compromising our precious time.

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